Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bent: Ready Made Replacement For Cisse

At first it looked a bit unprofessional didn't it??

Darren Bent has finally got his move to Sunderland and he claims that his famous rant on Twitter "paid off". Not that it was unprofessional, all part of the plan eh Darren?

With Djibril Cisse choosing not to join Steve Bruce's ranks and opting for the revolution of Greek football at Panathinaikos, it seems a move for Bent is a very rational decision. They both share great pace and an eye for goal (and the occasional tantrum) but the thing that sets Bent apart from Cisse is his goalscoring record.

Bent has consistently scored in the Premier League, be it at Charlton Athletic or Tottenham last year where despite being the club's top goalscorer he was still sold on.

He will also be given a consistent run in the team. With Bruce shelling out a potential £16.5 million I doubt he would be placed on the bench. Kenwyne Jones could prove to be a more than adequate strike partner for the England front man as Jones' physical prescence could strike a perfect balance with Bent's deadly finishing.

I've always admired Bent since his days at Ipswich Town and he fully deserved his chance in the Premier League. He has grabbed it with both hands and I thought Tottenham was going to be his opportunity to step it up another level.

Can Darren score the goals for Bruce's Sunderland to justify his price tag? I hope so. It would bode well for the national team as well.

He may not have been Bruce's first choice (Peter Crouch) but only time will tell if settling for second best will pay off...

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