Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lionel Messi: God's Gift To Football

Is there a player out there that moves a ball with such grace, such elegance other than Lionel Messi??

His 38 goals for Barcelona last season played a major role in them winning a famous treble, but it was the way he contributed to the team in other ways as well that makes him stand out as a very special player.

Manchester United's Midfield Conundrum

Let's assume Michael Carrick is guaranteed a starting role in the United midfield for the coming season (which he probably is), who is going to assume the position next to him??

09/10 Season: Chelsea

How can you replace Guus Hiddink after the end of season form of Chelsea??

Well you bring in one of the most respected managers in the game.

Bent: Ready Made Replacement For Cisse

At first it looked a bit unprofessional didn't it??

Darren Bent has finally got his move to Sunderland and he claims that his famous rant on Twitter "paid off". Not that it was unprofessional, all part of the plan eh Darren?