Sunday, 18 October 2009

Football On Tap Hits The Airwaves

That's right. Tonight at 8pm at, Football On Tap makes it's radio debut.

The plan is to have a guest in every week to talk about the weeks football stories, mainly focused on the Premier League.

Now this sounds all well and good but whether people want to actually be on the radio is a different matter. If you're reading this and you live in Preston, get in touch (please!!).

Thing is I don't really have a clue about radio equipment, software etc so am slightly nervous but once I get into the flow of things it shouldn't matter. Hopefully my guest (you know who you are) will hold his own!

So yesterday was Old Trafford (again) but this time on journalistic duties. I did OK I suppose, two recorded interviews is better than none. Maybe they'll see the light of day tonight on the show but then again maybe not, my luck is I'll try to and will just end up dead air.

I admit it was agony standing outside Old Trafford listening to the crowd getting pumped for the game and then hearing United score but hey, that's life. I was also surprised by how many other fans were stood outside too, as if they were intentionally listening to the game from outside, soaking up the atmosphere, trying to be part of the game.

I know I'd take that rather than sitting at home reading my BBC text any match day.

Liverpool's beach ball incident amused me but I thought it was rather harsh on them, although why Reina still had his eyes focused on the beach ball as the match ball raced past him I'll never know.

Liverpool's woes, football world rankings, Boudewijn Zenden and much more - tonight - 8pm -

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