Wednesday, 5 August 2009

09/10 Season: Arsenal

Want to know the player that could potentially win the league for Arsenal this season??

Andrei Arshavin.

At the moment I don't think even Wenger knows where to play him but my preference would be for him to play behind a main striker, given the opportunity to run at defences, play the killer pass and score goals (ala Wayne Rooney for Manchester United).

But then who's the main striker?!

Bendtner? Hasn't quite proved himself yet.

van Persie? Very similarly technically to Arshavin but without the ability to run at players.

Eduardo? The more likely candidate now he is fully fit.

That is a big decision for Wenger to make, but as important as Fabregas is to the side, Arshavin remains a constant threat to many Premier League defences when played in the correct position (Liverpool away last season speaks for itself).

He may not be as physically strong as Rooney but remains technically gifted for a player of small stature. He came to Arsenal with a big reputation, UEFA Cup winner in 2008 and helped guide the national team to the Euro 2008 semi-finals where they were beaten by a superior Spain side.

Now the Russian has settled in England, I would fully expect him to have his time to shine.

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